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Christopher Kane makin' it rain

    Two weeks ago yesterday I'm pretty sure if I died I'd have died a very happy little mocha bear.
    Two weeks ago yesterday I went to go see Chrissy Kane in action at the Covent Garden Apple store talking about his life and work.
    Two weeks ago yesterday, I could have just been hormonal and definitely a little bit of a sad bastard, but I genuinely thought I was going to burst out crying when the little scotsman came on stage and that was without having to sit at his S/S 12 show.
    Two weeks ago yesterday I was remembered by the man himself after his talk for asking real dork questions (chuffed...chuffed...)

    The talk was hosted by Paula Reed from Grazia magazine who was asking Christopher questions, I was astounded at how humble and so so soooooo sweet he was. He talked of his inspirations which seem to subconsciously stem from his childhood (and no. I'm not just referring to the jelly bags inspired by pencil cases. He said that the embroidery from S/S 12 were inspired by the stickers people stick on their diary. I think it's safe to say that if he were to design diaries and notebooks they would be worth doing derogative thangs fo'.) Also I remember reading that his love of neon comes from watching his older sister tammy getting ready to go out when he was younger. (I'll stop now as I'm just being a dweeb.)

    There was mentions of his relationship with Donetella Versace, he discribes her as infectious and magnetic and mentioned how she thinks he should act more like a diva and she's also compared him to her late brother Gianni. Which is something of a complement and touching. I was surprised that he only goes to Milan for one week out of the month for the Versus collection, it doesn't seem like a lot of time. I would have expected him to be jetting there a few times every other week or so.

    We all know he's London's golden boy when it comes to LFW, he's never EVER EVER had a bad review. Which is something that is really unheard of so when asked about his so far stellar career and reviews it was nice to see that he hasn't let all of it go to his head and he felt like every good review brought more pressure, which maybe the thing that drives him each season to do better?

    I find his career astounding and almost fairytale like (no less deserved.) straight from day one from his MA show he has been loved and welcomed by the fashion pack and celebrated every season. Having people like Donetella and queen bitch bee Anna Wintour behind him so early on in his career. He is one of the most talented and talked about designers and he hasn't even been around for fucking ten years yet, I seriously seriously hope for two things from this man. One sooner rather than later. In fact I scrap that. I ask for three thangs. Two of them being rather than later.

    One: Another collaboration with Topshop.
    Two: A cheaper more affordable range to be created and released (like an Alexander Wang T kind of brand.)
    Three: A retrospective kind of book (Like Carine Roitfeld's Irreverent, which I purchased at the weekend. UH-MAZING. INVESTMENT FOREVURRRR.)

    You've stolen my heart Christopher Kane with your always on point, beyond desirable, pretty much worth doing dirty, horrible things for clothing and the way you just keep it real. And one day your gonna love me too.

    (I that in a non bunny boiler/creepy way.)


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