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    I've been really looking forward to this month, what with getting back to uni (not so much uni but seeing my buddies.) and moving to London. Summer seems to have gone quite fast. It doesn't seem like I've had like three months away from uni.
    This week has/will be an exciting one for me. I am moving to London in two days and will be assisting on a Warehouse campaign or lookbook shoot and getting paid, which is an added bonus!! (What to buy!?! Jeremy Scott x Adidas Flintstone trainers or a H.O.H crochet print dress??) as well as starting at Fashion East next monday and let us not forget fashions big night out AND fashion week >.<
    Yesterday I assisted on another cover shoot for Dazed and Confused with an up and coming actress, I cant wait to put up all the pictures I took as she was SO beautiful and looked amazing in every picture that was taken by Rankin. She looked so amazing in a white McQueen dress from the A/W collection, she seriously looked like something from the Black Swan and like Natalie Portman, which makes me fancy this actress even more as I LOVE natalie portman. Spesh with no hair in V for Vendetta...
    Apart from having a really cool exciting day I also had an email about being taken on properly as a 2nd assistant which is fucking awesome, I guess it's still needs to be sorted out, I cant wait to start learning more about styling and just learn all the necessary skills to move up to becoming a 1st assistant and add to the little book of contacts.
    I am looking forward to, without wanting to make you all vomit over your laptop screens. A new chapter and throwing myself into my work and just trying to get myself out there and learn as much as I can. I am also looking forward to decorating my room!! I have managed to condense my clothing to four vacuum bags so far and havent even started on my beloved magazine collection/shoes/accessories. Looking through the folder of pictures I've picked to print for my room I have noticed there is a noticeable theme consisting of Freja Beha Erichsen and Pussy. My boudoir is seriously going to look like a pussy parlour...

    ALSO. Next post will be about the NYLON Bleach story I assisted on as the pictures are out and it also means I can put up pictures that I took on set :)


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