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    Today marks my two weeks in living in London. I have to say its been a very eventful, fun and sometimes hard and tiring two weeks but so amazing.
    I've been flown to Scotland to assist on a menswear look book for an up and coming designerZander Xhou in a castle, which was a lot of fun and involved exploring a forest on the last night and getting in an hour before we had to be up to catch our flight home. Also I got to assist my new boss laydee celestine on a job she was doing for the retail shop Warehouse the day before we flew to scotland, which involved pulling looks for the christmas campaign which was shot on themonday just gone which I also got to help out on. Apart from that I did a brief stint at Lulu & Co, which was interesting as it was more production than styling, it was a lot more intern work thanwhat I've been recently doing but such an amazing thing to have and I have to give props for them having me and the amazing Madeleine for sorting me out with it (you can check her blog hurr:
    I also got to assist Madeleine and Celestine out on the Ashish show during LFW and that was aBIIIIIIG highlight for me as I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ashish's stuff and I definitely was a big dork and told him how much I love his stuff. Here are some of the pictures I took backstage of the clothes:
    seriously wanting this sequined bomber
    ALSO I am now being trained up as Madeleine/Celestines 2nd styling assistant, which is amazing and I am so happy that I have the opportunity to do >.<


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