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Kipling X Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

    My first memory of Kipling bags is from school, my friend Katie and her momma had a few of them. I think her mum collected them (she now collects these crazy vintage perfumes that comes with cat figurines. They're dead cool.) I thought the little Monkey charms were really cool but I never really thought the bags themselves were anything real special (no offence to Katie or Sally, luffs ya both.) But I feel the brand has come on quite a bit since 6/7 years ago with the brand starting collaborations with fashion designers, which started 3 years ago. The most infamous one being the most recent collaboration with Peter Pilloto which has lasted two seasons both Autumn/Winter 10 and Summer/Spring 11. But this Autumn/Winter sees Kipling bringing in a new designer, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac who is known for his bright, fun clothing which usually is influenced by pop references (art,music and just pop culture in general.)
    As soon as I heard about it I couldn't help but literally "OOOOOOOOH!" out loud thinking of his past collections influenced by the likes of Micky Mouse and sending out pure sequined dresses with my main man Mickey sprawled across and garments on the JC/DC site which featured the characters from South Park emblazoned on them. I knew this was gonna be something interesting.

    The collection can be split into capsule collections. There are four:

    Game ever:
    The pieces featured in Game Ever are black with sections of block colours, but only primary colours. This gives a pop art feel and is typical Jean Charles de Castelbajac

    Psycho Daisy:
    Psycho Daisy features print which is inspired by the japanese three wise monkeys and their saying: "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." The print is rather eye catching with all the neon colours.

    Nylon Club:
    This collection is my least favourite, inspired by English hunting wear the bags are quilting and can come in nylon or leather. I feel that these bags dont really correlate with the rest of the collection and also are a bit tacky with the JC/DC logo rather large on one of the bags. (Im not saying logo's are bad and I suppose if you wear a label you kind of want people to know, but there is subtlety...)

    Candy Say:
    This is my FAVE collection. I find it so fun and a bit child like and pop arty, but the bags are fabulous and I really really need not one but two of these bags in my life. I love how bright the colours are. My favourites is the polka dotted bag and the bag with the space monkey on (I LOVE ITTT!!)

    Here are some pictures of the bags. I haven't featured any from the nylon club collection cause i think there a bit gross. Soz.

    Candy Say bags:
    <3 <3 <3

    Game Ever:

    Psycho Daisy rucksack:

    The bags will be on sale from la end of the month. I just wish I knew the price range so I could attempt to wangle one as a 'late' buffdai present...


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