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DANSK Magazine A/W 11: A place in the sun

    Since I bumped into Madeleine stomping around on Charlotte Street two months ago she's done nothing but try and help a brother out. She had me helping out on some pretty cool shit and has been such an angel and still is <3
    One of the shoots I helped her out on was for DANSK A/W 11, she is first assistant to the fashion director Toby Grimditch. It was the second shoot I'd helped her out on, it was also the first time I put my ridiculously poor steaming skills at use (Madeleine is an absolute pro and makes it look dead easy, which sometimes it is but the job is quite deceiving. I detest attempting to steam all around the armhole of a shirt. Its absolute bollocks if its even lamer if its really creased.) Madeleine told me that you should steam clothes even if there not creased as it makes them look so much better pon camera. Anywhoo.
    The shoot was right next door to the Haggerston overground station in a studio/flat belonging to a woman with the BEST cat ever (his name was Rufus and he is a diva cat, I say divas he's modeled in a jewellery catalogue and has a poster made after him.)
    As the clothes poured in from various PR's I got to hang up and cream over the delights that I was sorting out. Chrissy Kane (one love.), Giles Deacon (nom nom.), Miu Miu (lLlLlLOVE), Jil Sander (Those hobbleskirts with the peplum are SOOOOOO heavy! but amaze) and various other designers whilst I was on set I has to steam and also do pick up and returns and just generally help on set. The shoot started off being inspired by the late Elizabeth Taylor and then it snowballed from there. Madeleine told me that Toby's style was a mixture of sportswear and nostalgic clothing, and I did love the more sporty clothing pieces he had picked out. There were a pair of bottoms (featured in the last picture at the bottom of the post.) I think they were jersey, they looked soooo comfy and nice.
    The jewellery that arrived for the shoot was amazing also, some of it arrived with its very own bodyguard from Harrods or something. He had to stay for during the shoot until we were done with the jewellery. But over all it was a fun day with a fun soundtrack of Sasha Fierce and The Knife and when I was flicking through my DANSK today I saw the shoot and had to put it on here and just have a shout out to Madeleine who was kind enough to let me come on a shoot with her and Toby for crediting meas junior fashion assistant on the shoot :)


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