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60s Style Wedding Dresses Pics Gallery

    eople are always telling me that they think this could become a huge trend. That really isn't part of our hope here at Dolly Couture. We want this style to remain signature to an era that has long since past us. We've found that Dolly Couture brides are longing to be a unique alternative. They seem to want to look through history and see what was the very best style of all time and that is why they choose Dolly Couture. Nobody knew style like Audrey Hepburn and more importantly, nobody knew style like my mom (when she tried, haha!). This 1950s early 60s era is where Dolly Couture draws its inspiration. We really would prefer not to ever hear that this was that style everyone was wearing in the 2010s!

    You just never know what kind of deals, steals, and amazing things you may find if you search. I am a vintage nut so from time to time I just like to see what’s out there whether it’s clothes, jewelry, or little collectibles. I’ve found that Etsy is one of my first stops for simple little treasures.

    There’s nothing more romantic than a historical love story that perseveres through time – just one of the reasons why vintage weddings ar such an extremely democratic trend in the wedding industry right now. Just look online and you’ll see beautiful retro, nostalgic and vintage wedding ideas all over the web. With all of the different types of vintage weddings out there and all the unlike eras to choose from, it can appear pretty overwhelming to start planning. Sometimes focusing on one kind of decoration or accessory can help flush out the overall theme. Here’s an overview of some delightful vintage wedding accessories to get you started.

    First, it’s important to get an idea of what kind of vintage wedding you want. If you can’t nail down any particular era, think of your favorite kind of music, your favorite fashion trends, or your favorite types of d├ęcor. If you really love the look of apothecary jars you mightiness want to go with a 19th century-themed wedding. If Audrey Hepburn is your style icon, you mightiness want to go with a modern 60s-style wedding. Or if you like particular things from dissimilar eras, you can always mix things up and have a vintage wedding with no particular time period.

    Whichever type of nostalgia you love, you don’t have to buy expensive authentic vintage wedding favors, accessories or decorations, and you don’t need a time machine either! You can get all the glamour and style of your favorite time period (without the worry of something breaking) from many bridal websites.

    Vintage Stationery

    To start things off with a bang, themed stationery is the perfect way to get guests in the mood for your vintage wedding. For any pre-70s era wedding, consider a vintage typewriter card with typewriter-style writing for your RSVP cards or Save the Dates. You can even bend these cards to make them look like they were actually typed with an old-time typewriter. Or for a glamourous twist, look for vintage Hollywood wedding stationery with stylish color and flair. There ar many unlike ideas for vintage wedding invitations, and many come with complementing personalized stickers, clings, wine labels, programs, tags, table numbers, favor boxes and more.

    2011 may seem like much, but the wedding dress designers have worked hard to create the beautiful style wedding next year all will covet. Set to debut in recent months, the first crop in 2011 gown is decorated with details of many dimensions, many handstitched crystals, and large flower appliques. Take a sneak peek into the romantic style of the latest wedding gown trends.


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