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Scissor sistas

    I'm in love with Freja (tbf that's no real surprise I am like some form of serial secret perv or something.) and I'm pretty jel of those big bushy eyebrows Arizona Muse has got going on (WERKIN IT.) So when I was doing my rounds on the blogs I read, one had a post about how these two might be going on all Usher lovers and friends, and how someone had created a Tumblr about their rumoured relationshio so you KNOW I had to check this shit out. It is actually hilarious. Who ever created the tumblr basically uses pictures of them and comes up with captions for them. Heres a couple of ma favez:

    The caption for the picture above taken from the August issue of British vogue was:

    "This is a picture of Arizona waiting for Freja to come pick her up in the Pussy Wagon."

    I just want to state that there is only one Pussy Wagon, and it is not from Kill Bill. It resides in Coventry, the C.O.V, City of Villains and belongs to a Miss F.K Taylor. So dont front/h8/imitate.

    I realise these are ridiculous and people might class as immature and stupid and can be a little offensive. But all in jest eh? I don't think its meant to be malicious in any way, but if the rumours are true and they are really playing with each other's tupences all I have to say is I take my hat off to Freja, Irina Lazareanu twas just bwaaad, lotta hawt notches on your bed postie...

    Hurr dis site if you wanna have a peek:


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