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Lehenga Choli Designs

    Right from the ancient medieval times to the modern era fashion has been around. The Indian fashion has truly evolved from the ancient times to the modern keeping the customs and the traditions intact and wrapped with ethnicity. It is rather difficult to choose from the wide range that prevails in the Indian Fashion. Regardless of this wide available variety the Lehenga Choli has emerged as the second best traditional wear after sari. Lahenga as a dress is extremely easy to carry and is fairly comfortable. For this reason brides have been choosing Lehenga Choli over Benarasi these days. You can wear the Lehenga Choli to a wedding as well as to parties.Lehenga Choli Designs. The Lehenga has evolved from the Mughal houses to the ramp. The Indian Lehenga Choli has come a long way from the majestic royal wear to the first choice for the Indian women. The journey of the Lehenga Choli has been an exciting one.

    There has been a very minor modification in the present day Lehenga Choli. The designs are still dominated by the Mughal era. The dress consists of a customary long skirt called the Lehenga, Choli or the blouse accompanied by a long heavily embroidered dupatta. The fabrics used are mostly silk and brocade. The material of the dupatta is presently being made of silk, linen and sometimes chiffo

    The traditional form of the dress is still found in Rajasthan and Gujarat where women wear the ghagra Choli in its original style. In the ancient times the women preferred cotton and mirror work instead of the heavy embroidery. The mirror-work was usually accompanied by a patch-work on them. This made the dresses bright and vibrant. The royals however preferred heavy embroidered Lehenga Choli that was usually made out of brocade and silk.

    A traditional dress normally worn during the weddings are also worn in festivals like the Navratri and Eid and dandia. The flamboyancy of Lehenga Choli brings out the spirit of feminism in Indian Women.

    The bridal Lehenga Choli is in general made of silk, georgette and crepe in bright colors, designs and styles.
    Lehenga, mostly ankle length, pleated and are made in way that it fits just at the waist. The pleats make the Lehenga graceful and elegant. Conventionally Lehengas are umbrella shaped however a lot of different forms of shapes have set in giving a more contemporary look to the age old dress.

    The various forms of Lehengas are the Fish tail, Mermaid, Paneled, A-line and the usual full flair Lehenga.
    The use of bright colors in wedding not only signifies festivity but also fertility that combines elegance. The Lehenga Choli can be custom made to enhance the beauty and elegance of the bride. Other than being convenient to wear they are extremely easy to manage and this is what that makes them so popular.

    Designer Lehenga-Choli come with shimmery glitter and mirror work. The vibrant hues and heavy embroidery are eye catchers. They are available in various styles and prices to just suit ever bride giving them the classy and urbane look.


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