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Lady GaGa Hair Styles

    At first glance Lady Gaga's bright pink feather-like hairstyle certainly catches the eye.

    But it's what's going on under her jacket that is of real interest.

    The singer appeared to be completely naked as she stepped out yesterday in Copenhagen.
    After listening to “Poker Face” one too many times this weekend, I started thinking about Lady Gaga. And then I started Googling Lady Gaga. And then I became obsessed. Of course, being outrageous is the singer’s schtick, but does she ever tone it down? According to my Googling, not really.

    Naturally stars dress ridiculously for the attention and to establish a persona. Furthermore, one person’s ridiculous is another person’s sense of style. However, even the most flashy artists are usually seen dressed like the average earthling every once in a while and I was determined to find these less unbelievable outfits of Lady Gaga.

    You might believe that Lady Gaga’s meat dress is probably her top outrageous fashion statement. Well, close for some, far for others. Recently, she showed up in a dress made of a material most guys would dislike on a woman’s body. That’s right, she had a dress made out of hair.

    When she showed up in a New York club wearing nothing but a cape made of hair and some fishnet tights, it made for some shocking news in the media. She confessed that sometimes she feels as insecure as any 24 years old girl. But then, she added she uses self encouragement for morale. “You’re Lady Gaga, get up and walk the walk!”, she says to herself.

    Last night was the second night of Summer Sonic 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. There were a lot of great bands, but the act with the biggest hype was not the listed headliners Linkin Park or The Specials – not even close. The real star last night was Lady Gaga, or just “Gaga” as she’s known to her Japanese fans. Gaga’s dedicated fans started pushing their way to the front of the Sonic Stage several bands – and many hours – before Lady Gaga was scheduled to appear.
    That’s right, there wasn’t just one Lady Gaga at her Tokyo gig – everywhere you looked, there were Japanese versions of Lady Gaga in brightly colored costumes, makeup, and of course hair bows. It was truly amazing.


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