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Paris Hilton Slaps Some Weave In Her Head And Gets Sued For It

    Tell me Glamazons: how does one get sued for wearing weave in their head? Well, just ask Paris Hilton. I swear it seems that this girl can do no right when it comes to handling up on her business in life. According to a recent post on, the starlet is being sued for $35 million by the hair extensions company Hairtech International, Inc. They manufacture the Dreamcatchers hair extensions line that Paris signed a representation contract with in 2007. Apparently she doesn't think highly of their brand of weave because the company claims she was spotted wearing someone else's...scandalous! In addition, Paris missed a launch party for the company in 2007 due to the fact that she was locked up in the slammer.
    But wait: unless the Hairtech sent out weave spies to follow Paris around, how in the heck would they know if she was wearing another company's weave or not?! Do those exist? Weave spies?! ahahahaha
    Here she is pictured above at the fragrance launch party for her newest fragrance, Tease. (She's paying homage to Marilyn Monroe hence the short platinum blonde hair and super red lips. If you ask me, she just looks trashy..and did she get a boob job?!)



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