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Casio "Shocks The World" With A New Roster of Celeb Ambassadors (And Cool New Watches, Too!)

    Hey Glamazons! Last night I attended the Casio "Shock The World 2010" event and let me tell you: this is one brand that knows how to throw a party!!
    The night started with the opportunity I was given to interview actor Bryan Greenberg (he's on HBO's 'How To Make It In America'..more on that in a bit). Side note: can I just say for the record that he is one cute guy?! Of course, he looked like he was lacking some serious sleep, but what person isn't nowadays? (Me included hahaha)
    Then, all of the members of the media were invited into this huge room for the official Casio press conference. Except for the fact that I couldn't understand what the heck the most of the presenters from the brand were saying (they had really thick accents), it was cool to hear more about how the watches from the brand are created. Basically the brand hooked up with these brands to help them create some cool looking watches in the G-Shock and Baby-G collections: Alfie; Dee & Ricky; DGK; Hellz Bellz; In4Mation; and the Surfrider Foundation.
    They also signed on a couple of celebs to be brand ambassadors of these collections.

    L.A. Laker Lamar Odom (but we know him mostly as Khloe Kardashian's husband) is the face of the G-Shock GX56 timepiece. (He's wearing one of the watches above.) I didn't realize how tall he was until I saw him get up to the podium and wowza! That's a whole lotta man. The only thing I really heard him say was that he and Khloe were going to launch a unisex fragrance together called 'Unbreakable.' (Hmmm...could they be the next equivalency of the Beckhams?!) There have also been stories about them having their own television show swirling around, but he didn't say anything about that.
    Ke$ha will be the brand ambassador and watch designer for the Baby-G line of women's watches. The first models from this collection are set to hit stores this summer and range in price from $79-$99.

    Bryan Greenberg is set to show off the EDIFICE Black Label...mainly due to his his character Ben in 'How To Make It In America.' (Apparently Casio saw Ben as a perfect representation of their brand and dubbed the character as a man that's "going places." The watches in this collection range in price from $150-$500 and are meant to "take men from day to night, whether going to a sporting event or a night on the town" (according to the press release anyways).
    During one point in the press conference, someone from the brand thought it'd be cool to throw some watches out to the audience..which he did. I almost caught one until I realized that I was about to get mauled by the guy behind me, so I let it go. The things people will do for some free stuff..smh.
    After the press conference, we all went down to the main floor and drank special cocktails from Absolut Vodka and danced to tunes from DJ Cassidy. Ke$ha then took the stage for a special performance (I'm about to upload that onto GlamazonsBlog TV in a sec for those that wanna have a look) in which she blasted everyone in the audience with gold and silver pieces of confetti. It was pretty great because I totally dance around in my underwear every morning to her music and some of my friends were slightly shocked that I knew the words to all of her songs hahaha.
    What do you think of Casio's choice of celebrity brand ambassadors?


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