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Magazine GLAM: Lebron James Lands the September Cover of GQ

    The most hated man in America, next to Mel Gibson...and maybe Chad OchoCinco, Lebron is certainly loved by the press.

    After covering the new issue of Sports Illustrated, the dapper gentleman (who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Gucci for FFAWN event) has just landed the cover of GQ (pic above is from his last cover in February 2009).

    Word has it he bumped out Ryan Reynolds for the coveted spot (wonder if Ryan will join forces with Cleveland and burn a jersey, or Lebron's old GQ cover or something).

    Sources at GQ tell WWD that they planned the shoot before Lebron's hyped decision to join the Miami Heat, which means they're uber lucky because they couldn't have picked a better time. Whether people love or hate Lebron's move to Miami, they are certainly talking, and reading, about it.

    What do you think of Lebron's decision, and the accompanying ESPN special? Will you pick up GQ's new issue or are you tired of hearing about him?

    I won't tell you my opinion (for fear of getting attacked...which should tell you enough already) but let's just say Miami's my favorite place to escape to also Lebron...





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