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What's So Attractive About A Tatted Up Mistress?!

    In light of the sad news that Sandra Bullock's husband James James is under the gun for allegedly having an affair with tattoo model Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, I couldn't help but wonder what exactly it could be that James would find attractive about McGee. This is just my personal opinion, but people with tattoos all over their face and body just don't look good to me. Especially if they're on a female. Ew. But, before you roast me, I DO appreciate one here and there (even one on the face). Check out some of my favorite tattooed celebrities below. Which ones are your faves? Do you think that tattoos all over your body are attractive? If so, please explain.


    I think Amy Winehouse would look weird WITHOUT tattoos. I mean, she's so trashy. I just love her, though!
    Rihanna always has a new tattoo. I know everyone thought this was a rather violent one (I mean, why would you get a gun put on you?!) but it's so tiny that it's almost cute wouldn't you say?
    Meghan Fox could make a paper sack look hot.

    Yes, she may have been on one of the worst reality television shows in history (For The Love of Ray J) but I thought Danger's tattooed face was kinda cute.
    Side Note: Someone please tell me why Brandy & Ray J have a television show together coming out soon?! Ugh. I can't.
    I think right after I saw this tattoo on Britney Spears' back, I also started to notice that every other girl in America has one too; and I actually thought it was cute! Surprise, surprise.

    Angelina Jolie is just hot. Period. Whatever she has on her always looks amazing. (Once again, just my personal opinion hahaha)


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