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MAGAZINE GLAM: Gisele Shows Off Post Baby Body for Vogue! Plus Lala for Latina and Gabourey in French Elle

    Hey Glamazons!

    It is just us or are magazines stepping their game up this Spring? With ad sales declining and audiences moving online, publications are pulling out all the stops to stay afloat in uncertain times.

    And we just love devouring the compelling cover stories and gorgeous fashion pages they're churning out as a result.

    The most intriguing story to me, is Lala Vazquez on the cover of the April issue of Latina

    The story is fascinating, not just because she dishes about her relationship with Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets, but because she speaks on her controversial essay for about identifying as black AND Puerto Rican. Here's an excerpt via

    “The essay,” she says solemnly. “The responses hurt.” She’s speaking of a first person piece she recently wrote for on being Puerto Rican, in which she explained that, since childhood, people have often assumed that she is black. “Which I am!” she says, almost yelling. “But I am also 100 percent Puerto Rican and I’m proud of that. People got it twisted and thought I was saying, I’’m Puerto Rican. I’m not black. That isn’t what I was saying. It’s just that when I tell someone I’m Puerto Rican, I don’t want to hear someone say, ‘You ain’t Puerto Rican. You black.’ As if I can only be one or the other. Do I look like Jennifer Lopez? No. Clearly, I’m a black woman. However you want to define that, that’s what I am. And I’m also a Spanish-speaking Puerto Rican woman. Period.”

    Deep. And by the way, her photos are just stunning!

    Equally gorgeous is another hot mom, Supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who recently launched a skincare line. On the cover of the latest Vogue, Gisele shows off her impossibly amazing post-baby bod after giving birth to her adorable new son with New England Patriots' quarterback, Tom Brady, named Benjamin Rein

    For the April Shape issue, Gisele dishes on her son's name (she almost named him 'River'), her life as a new mother and how she shed all those pounds---she only gained thirty by the way. She claims it was yoga, and she lost the weight in no time due to muscle memory. If we could all be so lucky...

    Here are Gisele's gorgeous photos and behind-the-scenes video from the shoot via the Huffington Post:

    Next, It Girl actress, Gabourey Sidibe, continues her magazine run after nailing the cover of the V Magazine Size issue with a shot in the latest French Elle. I think Gabourey looks beautiful, as usual, but am not a fan of the edgy direction they took with her hairstyle. Is it supposed to resemble devil ears? Odd. I live for the lips necklace she's wearing though! 

    I hear Gabourey has an upcoming role in the new Showtime Series, "The Big C," and couldn't be happier. Check out her shot below.

    What do you think of the upcoming covers? Gisele's post-baby bod? Lala's Puerto Rican/Black essay? Gabourey's Devil Ear hair? Discuss.




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