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I've Got That Glow: New Skincare Products From Clarins

    Spring has finally sprung here in the city and, while others were busy working out in the gym during those long winter months, I've been busy saturating my skin in some of the best creams on the market. While I do believe that it's important to have a nice tight body during the summer, I also think that "the glow" is also something that can not be ignored. (That's me pictured here showing off my glow.) What is "the glow" you may ask? Why, it's that lovely thing that your skin does while you're walking around the streets of New York half naked during the summer months and makes all the men whistle at you. Glowing, soft skin brings all the boys to the yard and there's no point in showing skin unless you carry these important characteristics. That's why I must sing praises to the newest products to hit Clarins. Not only has it kept my skin glowing all winter long, but now it's got a permanent glow (along with a super soft feel). Jealous yet? No need! Just be sure to get these products. Now!

    This round green mound of soapy goodness provides an amazing lather (I even use it to shave!) and can be used on both face and body. The best part is it's 99% organic (certified by ECOCERT).
    Key Ingredients
    -Organic Shea Butter to provide comfort, soften skin and prevent tightness
    -Organic Hazelnut Oil is super hydrating and leaves skin satiny smooth.
    Price: $15

    Fine lines and wrinkles are a thing of the past with this replenishing treatment. It reinforces skin's self defense mechanism while delivering intensive hydration day and night leaving skin soft and with a velvety-smooth appearance. Use alone or before moisturizer twice daily. (I use mine along with the Clarins Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction Cream.)
    Key Ingredients
    -Eleuthero Ginseng helps to reinforce the skin's defense mechanism throughout the day while increasing its recovery capacity at night
    -Mourera Fluviatilis is an Amazonian aquatic plant that helps to prevent the appearance of lines and erases signs of fatigue
    -Pine Tree helps skin to remain hydrated in all climates and conditions.
    -Sugar Cane delivers intensive moisture.
    -Sweet Almond provides ultra-softening benefits.
    -Manioc promotes a matte, velvety effect.
    Price: $69

    A great alternative to the face scrub, this unique exfoliant removes dead skin cells and impurities by lifting them off skin. I know it sounds gross, but I actually like to peel it off my skin and love how radiant it leaves my skin.
    Key Ingredients
    -Gentle Clay lifts dead cells and impurities while encouraging cell renewal and restoring a radiant complexion
    -Primrose softens and soothes skin
    Price: $30



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