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GLAM OR SHAM?: Mo'Nique at the 2010 Oscars

    The big winner for her incredible role in Precious, Mo'Nique chose a blue, Grecian Tadashi Shoji dress for the 2010 Oscar's.

    The elegant dress boasted criss-cross ruching (super-flattering!) and an asymmetric neckline. Mo'Nique completed the look with a white clutch, diamond jewelry and a white flower in her hair.

    Not a fan. I thought the dress was safe, and the shape did little to flatter Mo'Nique. She could've benefited from a dress with an elaborate neckline (to fill out her bust) and gathered waist.

    The long hemline though did spare us from another look at Mo'Nique's hairy legs. Sidenote: I can't begin to tell you how many people call me asking if The Magazine forgot to airbrush Monique's hairy legs. LOL. She doesn't shave her legs or underarms as a rule. Since I'm over trying to understand why, I'm going to move on to the bigger question: Why is her husband's bowtie upside down? Is that a fashion statement or were they rushing? Someone explain.

    Anyway, I must say the color looked exquisite against Mo'Nique's glowing skin, though nothing can beat the glow of that gold Oscar!

    What's the verdict? GLAM or a SHAM?


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