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GLAM OR SHAM?: Jennifer Aniston's Signature Fragrance

    According to a recent post on (via, we hear that Jennifer Aniston is expected to announce her plans to launch a signature fragrance. Hmmm...we wonder what the name of it will be and, equally important, what it will smell like. This is just my personal opinion, but I think that Jennifer Aniston is one of the most boring actresses to ever walk the planet. From her blonde hair to her pearly white teeth, there's never been anything remotely interesting about her at all to me. (Not even her brief marriage to Brad Pitt interested me.) I'm sure that she's a very nice person, but I really do think that her fragrance will be nothing fabulous and will only sell because of her name: Jennifer Aniston.
    What do you think Glamazons? Glam or Sham? Will you be scooping this scent once it hits shelves?


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