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Degree & Mary J. Blige Get Down With Nature

    As you know, Mary J. Blige gave an awesome FREE concert yesterday in Times Square where she performed songs off of her latest album. Although Coutura and I weren't able to make it (I'm traveling and Coutura had previously scheduled engagements), we just wanted to make sure to let all of you know that you can catch Blige's performance on Degree's Facebook fan page (click here).
    Also, just in case you were wondering what in the heck Blige was doing the free concert for, it's because Degree has launched a new line of products for women called Degree Natureffects.
    The line includes anti-perspirants/deodorants and matching body sprays (see below for deets on the new products). The company will be sponsoring Blige's organization FFAWN.
    As part of the collabo, Degree held the event "Dare to Join Forces with Nature" and invited Blige to perform.
    So, be sure to get your pits in order, Glamazons! Warmer weather is finally upon us and being musty is just not cute.

    Degree Women Natureffects Products
    -Degree's top odor and wetness protection formula with fragrances inspired by natural ingredients are available in Honeysuckle & Tea Tree Oil; Olive Leaf & Pink Pepper; and Orange Flower & Cranberry
    -Prices: $3.99 (for 2.6 oz anti-perspirant/deodorant)
    $3.99 (for 2.2 oz anti-perspirant/deodorant)
    $3.99 (3 fl oz body mist)



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