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Ask The Glamazons: Best Brands of Jeans for Curvy Girls?

    Finding the perfect pair of jeans for a curvy woman is an almost impossible feat. From plummer's butt to Mom jeans, there are tons of pitfalls a girl must avoid when choosing the right pair. I know the struggle all too well. Besides having a super tiny waist and curvy butt (that precipitates my obsession with leggings), I penned a denim special for The Magazine about this very problem.

    After months of personal and professional research, here are the best brands I've found for curvy women:

    • CJ by Cookie Johnson - comfort, style and impeccable fit
    • Joe's Jeans
    • Not Your Daughter's Jeans - technology to lift and shape your curves and slim your tummy.
    • Rozzie Rae Jeans - boasts jeans that are cut to fit your unique shape like apple (fabric cut generously in the waist) and pear (more fabric around the hips)
    • Baby Phat
    • PZI Jeans - caters to curvy women of all sizes with styles for short, medium, long and extra long legs!
    • Apple Bottom - Founded by rapper Nelly, these jeans are designed to contour to fit women with ample rears. (But please, go for the ones without the huge annoying logos). are a few tried-and-true tips on shopping and caring for jeans for curvy women:

    • Curvy women should choose jeans with stretch (4 to 5% spandex) that contour to fit your shape.
    • Don't cling to a size. Every brand uses different fit models, so a size 14 at Old Navy isn't the same as a size 14 at Baby Phat.
    • When trying on jeans in the dressing room, sit down. It's a surefire way to tell if your jeans will gap in the waistband once you wear them out and about.
    • Choose jeans with an outseam close to your thigh to give the appearance of thinner legs.
    • Put jeans with stretch in the dryer on a low setting as the machine weakens the lycra.
    • Baggy jeans aren't flattering on most curvy women. They obscure your shape and make you appear larger. Jeans that skim your curves are ideal like skinny jeans. You CAN wear them.

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