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Backstage Beauty: ARISE Fall 2010

    Hey Glamazons! As you know from Coutura's post, we just loved the ARISE show. It's definitely hands down one of my favorite from all that I've seen so far at NY Fashion Week.
    Pictured above is my good friend Unique London who I haven't seen in forever and ran into backstage. She's an awesome makeup artist and was helping to create the beauty looks that you peeped at the show.
    I caught up with lead makeup artist Valente backstage to get the scoop on the beauty looks created (using IMAN cosmetics, of course!) Because there were three different looks to the show, Valente created three different makeup looks.

    Black Coffee
    "The makeup look is sheer and luminous skin; very radiant and glowing. We used lots of structure and contouring so [the model] looks kind of like an ethereal alien. There was lots of white frost around the eye to really complement this look and then a soft brow."

    Deola Sagoe
    "This line has a lot of military influence in the collection, so I went with a very strong powerful brow. It's kind of fifties inspired. We used a little mascara, nothing on the cheeks and a little gloss on the lips. Her look is very radiant and sheer."

    Loin Cloth & Ashes
    "Again, just luminous glowing skin. This has been a constant theme in all of the collections: beautiful, radiant skin. There's no eyeshadow, just a wash of bronzer over the eye and a touch of pink on the lip. We did subdue the pink depending on the shade of the girl. For our darker girls, we added in a little bit of brown lip liner. We're doing a full brow, but not as severe as Deola's; it's a softer, more powdery brow. For the lighter girls, we're doing a full, powdery brow."

    Lead hairstylist Danilo (who tames the tresses of almost everyone in Hollywood including Gwen Stefani!) also walked me through the hair looks.

    Black Coffee
    "This is a chic and uptown lady, but she's modern. So we're blending the Africa meets international look."
    For this look, the hair was pulled back tightly and extra hair was added in to create these huge bouffants. Loved it!

    Loin Cloth & Ashes
    "We're doing these braided headbands. I call them halos."

    Deola Sagoe
    "We're creating a pompadour. I call them dickheads. It's just a big, firm ponytail sticking straight up out of the head."
    *Side note: Yes, he said "dick." I did not misquote him LOL

    Check out the looks and let us know which one is your favorite!


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